No Student is allowed in Class without registration .
If Absences, no fees or days  would be Carry Forwarded.
There won’t be any kind of Refund or Transfer of Fees.
Cameras & Video Shooting is Restricted in the Classes unless our Prior Permission.

External Footwear are not allowed on the floor. 

Footwear & Knee Pad will be mandatory wherever applicable.
We reserve rights to Teachers / Trainers at any point in time.
It is understood & agreed that All Students take Classes at their own Risk. We don’t take any liability for any Injury or Any Loss of Personal Belongings.
Students  are liable for Any Damage Caused by them to the Class Property.
Students  must inform about Present (or Past) Injuries or medical complain.
Students found with any of below will not be tolerated. 
- Disturbing Class
- Bad Conduct
- General Misbehaviour
- Arriving Late on Regular Basis
In such cases, Student will be asked to leave the Course & Fees will be forfeited.