Weight Loss

Overweight is the main reasons for diseases like Diabeties, High Blood Pressure, Heart problems, Knee pain, Depression, Infertility etc...

         Weight Loss should never be targeted to body weight alone.  Actually its a combination of Fat loss, Muscle gain, Tonning  & Shaping. Lifestyle play a significant role in Body Weight managment. It is responsible for more than 70% target that we achieve. Exercises gives us Endurance, Tonning, Shaping, Stemina & Temporary weight loss. Permanant weight loss can never be achieved without following healthy Lifestyle. We are improving lifestyle of our students from last more than 10years & motivating them to start their Weight loss programme with the healthy lifestyle & gradually move towards very easy, comfortable & customised  workout according to their weight. 

                          If a simple lifestyle changes helps you to fight more than 50 diseases, than what are you waiting for?